Download Human Fall Flat on Android | 100% Free | Apk + Obb

Download Human Fall Flat on Android | 100% Free | Apk + Obb


Discover the funniest multiplayer physics puzzle platformer ever!

In Human: Fall Flat, you play a faltering man who keeps dreaming about real places
Full of puzzles from which he has yet to get out. Exploration and creativity are important, as every option is welcome!

The game offers you many features like you can play with friends, families and strangers around the world, you can also customize your character and become a dog, ninja, princess, etc. It was released for Microsoft Windows, Linux and . macOS in July 2016. With PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions in May 2017. and a Nintendo Switch version in December 2017.

Human Fall Flat APK Gameplay

About Human Fall Flat Apk

This game is available to download on Play Store. But this game is paid on play store and the price of this human fall flat game is 500 rupees. Overall rating of this game on play store is 4.0 with start. And the content rating is 3+. And this game is last updated on 3rd July 2019. The total downloads of this game are 10,000+ on play store.

Human Fall Flat APK Gameplay
Friends Human Fall Flat game is very good but the problem is that this game is paid on play store. So I had given the link of the game below so that you can download this game for free.

Human Fall Flat APK Gameplay

Please make sure you have at least 500 MB free space in your android before installing Human Fall Flat on Android.

Master the Wobbly Art of Parkour

You can walk (like a straight), jump, hold anything, climb anything, carry anything. Mastering the moves will be your first delightful challenge.
solve mind-bending puzzles

Play with friends, family or total strangers
Work together to achieve any task – or spend hours making fun of each other. Play with up to 4 players for wacky mayhem!


Dress your man in dozens of silly costumes. Be a dog, ninja, princess… whatever! Mix and match with endless combinations.
The world may be fictional, but the laws of physics are very real!
What’s new:
initial release

There are no ads in this app

You’ll find the controls in Human Fall Flat to be extremely difficult, but also incredibly fun to play with. The wiggle characters along with the hilarious movements and controls make the game more interesting than the usual puzzle solving skills.

Make sure you’re ready to master the art of rocker parkour in “Human Falls Flat.” While running by swinging ore up and down from side to side, carrying stuff as if you’re going to throw it at someone or kill yourself, jumping to grab your friends like a crazy hunter, and so on Kind. It would be fair to say that the controls have added many exciting aspects to the game.

With realistic physics, your characters will look like they are made of air and can be blown up at any moment now.

If you’ve been playing UFO part time and find the puzzles in the game exciting, with this, you’ll either be enthralled by the epic puzzles or by the tough ones. So get ready for challenges as you explore dozens of different arcs along with 10 levels of exciting gameplay.

Use your clever mind to come up with a solution to each puzzle. Choose the right approach to the game as you slowly work your way out. And never think of jumping off the edge to get away because you will fall on the exact same foundation you just landed on.

Interactive environment like no other

To make the puzzle solving gameplay more interesting, in Human Fall Flat, players will have the chance to explore a highly interactive environment. With each arc, you’ll be introduced to an entirely new map featuring new objects and elements.

Use different objects that may randomly appear around you to solve your problems. From collecting mats to building tall platforms so you can jump higher and control a demolition crane to break down walls, players will have dozens of ways to entertain themselves in Human Falls Flat.

convenient in-game communication

And to make the gameplay even more interesting, especially for those who like to play in online multiplayer matches, Human Fall Flat also allows gamers to use the convenient voice chat feature. That being said, you can now talk and laugh with your fellow online players no matter where you are. Just make sure you are using a consistent internet connection so as not to disturb the game.

visual and sound quality graphics

The game does not come with beautiful graphics, in fact, it looks like some fantasy world that was drawn by a 5 year old kid. Still, it surprisingly adds to the wobbly and exhilarating gameplay we discussed above.

That being said, no gunshots, no explosions, just simple puzzle-solving gameplay, but players will find Human Falls Flat extremely relaxing and fun. In fact, you can spend hours playing it without getting bored.

sound / music

The music in this game is quite real. While you still know you’re in a virtual world, you can’t help thinking it’s real because of the precise sound effects and surrounding environment.

Humans: Fall Flat, from 505 Games, is a fun party game that can be enjoyed with your friends via the multiplayer features. You take on the role of a particularly wobbly human being who finds it difficult to walk, let alone complete challenges and face off against a bunch of other faltering humans. Climb, take off, parkour, you need to adapt and overcome your Bambi-like foot challenges. This is Human: Fall Flat.


There are many fantasy worlds for you to explore and explore. Different puzzles will require different solutions, and while the world seems crazy, the laws of physics are very real! It will take you some time to master the speed and abilities of your human, but once you do, this addictive game offers plenty of opportunities to play again. You can play with up to 4 other friends and you can also customize your character after you pass the levels.

Human Best Characteristics: Fall Flat

Humans: Fall Flat has recently been added to the growing list of fun physics games that have rocked the gaming world. It’s one of the most fun games you can download to your Android phone, and with good reason. Not only are the physics brutally realistic when you’re competing against your friends, the enjoyable mechanics become even more hilarious. Who has the most skill with their Waver skills? Who will be victorious? These are some of the best features you can enjoy when you play Human: Fall Flat.


physics based fun

The levels are quite difficult, and while you have a lot of freedom in how you approach each level, the physics of the game essentially dictates your path and the tasks you need to take to complete it. For example, it is important to pick up objects, throw them or move them to some other place. This can open doors, create areas for you to park in a new part of the map, or complete a task on a level. However, it’s not that easy – the physics mechanics are a bit tricky, and you have to really focus to get it done!

Offers a challenging and physics-filled puzzle experience. Since its launch, Humans: Fall Flat has attracted a large number of players around the world. Especially some streamers like famous gamers. With an extremely unique approach to the game for the players. It will surely bring a whole new feeling to the new players who embrace this interesting gameplay.

1.2 Comfortable character shaping
1.3 Humorous and fun graphics

play with friends

Having trouble playing alone and not having fun? Multiplayer mode limited to 4 players will help you laugh with your family and friends. With a relaxing moment after a hard day’s work and studies. When multiple people are playing together, there will be more unique and creative solutions. Failure can sometimes lead to loss, but the entertainment it provides is incredibly effective. Take a weekend or vacation to have fun and be creative with family and friends.

comfortable character shaper

Human: Fall Flat gives you a beautiful colorful new character interface. You can freely choose your own look. Impress your friends with pirate, snowman or spiderman look. The character interface is enough to help make each screen more fun and colorful. However, the character interface is not the core of the game. The main factor in the success of the game is its innovative gameplay. The facelift only adds excitement and does not affect the gameplay of the game. Helping you not to be too distracted by the appearance of the character. In order to reach the destination, it is necessary to solve the problem.

Humorous and fun graphics

With simple, abstract graphics. Human: Fall Flat isn’t very graphic. In particular, you will never see the same approach to the rules in any other game. What the game has to offer will arouse the curiosity of gamers when they come into contact with the game that the world may be virtual, but the laws of physics are real. Easy to use simple interface with 1 joystick and 2 virtual keys to control the character. You must use them skillfully to control the character who can stand and walk. Sometimes it will be quite difficult and inhibiting, but it will also make the screen confusing and a lot more fun.

 Download Human: Fall Flat  – Fun Intellectual Challenge

With the task of controlling the main character from the starting point to the secret gate to complete the game screen. It sounds simple, but things are actually a lot more trouble than you might think. No epic or sensational action elements. A bright atmosphere and relaxing music. The game brings you puzzles and asks you to solve them to complete the level. Very clumsy at first glance but in a very appropriate and humorous way. There are no specific rules or suggestions. The game gives you the freedom to explore and explore unexpected arrangements and interactions to win.

How To Install Human: Fall Flat APK With OBB Data File

Apk install it on your device.
Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/com.and.games505.humanfallflat. Make sure the OBB file ( is in the com.and.games505.humanfallflat folder.
resume game. Enjoy it!

Before starting Full Human: Fall Flat v1.0 [Paid] APK + OBB Download, you can read technical APK details below:
Full Name of Application: Human: Fall Flat v1.0 [Paid]Supported Android Versions: Android 5.0+
APK file name: Human_1.0.apk
APK file size: 39MB
OBB Data File Name:
OBB Data File Size: 371 MB



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