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How to use codebreaker cheats on pcsx2 emulator

Code: Breaker (stylized as CDE: BREAKER) is a manga written and illustrated by Akimin Kamayoso running in the weekly Shनेnen magazine via Kodansha. It tells the story of a high school girl named Sakura Sakurakoji who is trained in martial arts and is a male transfer student with mysterious powers named Ri Ogami. An anime adaptation produced by Kinema Citrus began airing on 6 October 2012. [2] [3] It is licensed by Funimation in North America. Funimation later added the English dub version with Date A Live, Red Data Girl and the Carnaval series in June 2014. [4]

codebreaker cheats on pcsx2 emulator

One night while riding the bus home, Sakura Sakurakoji sees a boy burning people with blue flames in the park. When she warns a policeman to come to the park with her, nothing seems to have happened, though Sakura is adamant in what she saw. The next day a new transfer student is assigned to her class at school and it turns out to be the same boy she saw in the park, Code: Breaker 06 Ri Ogami. Even though she questions him, Ogami is able to provide a sound alibi for his actions, though not convincing Sakura. After school, Sakura meets Ogami, mourning the death of a homeless man in the park by the G-Falcon Street Gang, where they talk about what it means to judge the actions of criminals. The next day, while meeting a stray dog ​​in the park, Sakura sees the G-Falcon gang attacking another man and intervenes. He is able to stop them with his martial arts until a tusser is rioted. The dog also tries to save Sakura, but the gang members severely injure her. When Sakura is about to be killed, Ogami appears and kills the dog, which he thought was beyond saving, much to Sakura’s terror. He then turns to the gang members and presents an ultimatum – turn himself in or die. They then attack Ogami, choosing the second option. The Agami then uses their power to summon blue flames to erase them all. Agami then goes to the surprised Sakura and uses flames to kill her.

After a quick flashback to the time when Agami began his first training session with Hitomi, Agami’s blue flames easily absorbed Hitomi’s strongest lightning blasts, resulting in both collapses. Hitomi is reaching for her code: as the end her powers begin to attack her. Hitomi, still wanting to continue her plan, is beaten back by Agami. As he is defeated and utters his last words to all Samhita: Breakers, Hitomi encourages him to make himself public who defeated him and his plot. However, the Prime Minister appears and says otherwise, making Hitomi angry. Code: The Breakers manage to stop him from killing the Prime Minister and Hitomi finally reaches his code: ends up and dies in the arms of Ogami, who leaves after proving that Hitomi found him. To which he was entitled. Toki overhears the public giving credit to the police department for neutralizing the bombs and killing Hitomi. Later, Heike and the Prime Minister discuss how they succeeded in extracting their real power to the Ogami fight Hitomi, which they are curious about whether this power will be against “Seeki”. If they ever get out of control, they will use Sakura to stay with Agami to extinguish her flames. When an electric spark shakes his body, the Prime Minister is soaked in blood. Sakura personally bids farewell to Yuki, Rui, and Toki, who are each assigned their own missions, mentioning that Ogami has already left. As Sakura returns to her normal life, Agami goes on a mission with Kanda at an airport, battling a man with special abilities for air.

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