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AetherSx2 Ps2 Emulator | AetherSx2 Emulator For Android | Download AetherSx2 Emulator For Android | Beta Version

An exciting news!

As you have probably noticed by now, there is a new Android emulator in town called AetherSX2, which shows very promising performance and compatibility. While the latter is due to be based on an LGPL licensed emulator for PC (that’s us!), the former is due to the clever work of developer Tahlreth.

As you might expect, we were very skeptical about this at first, due to the whole situation with DaemonPS2 that you might remember; A new Android emulator that appears needs to be approached with caution. But instead of facing hostility, the developer was very forthcoming and friendly, ready to discuss remaining obstacles and the way to overcome them.

Since many people are concerned about the licensing behind PCSX 2, we decided to step down and explain how it relates to the GPL and LGPL licenses.

PCSX2’s core code is LGPLv3 licensed, which is compatible with the GPLv3 license, and all plugin code that was merged during the 1.7 dev cycle was also re-licensed to the LGPL with authorization from the authors. However, there are also 3 bits of GPL code used in the project:
Some debugger code from PPSSPP
FreeType library which is used for our OSD
libmpeg2 which is used for video decoding
The existence of these third party GPL parts means that PCSX2 as a combined work needs to comply with the GPLv3 license, but our source code that we have is LGPL. We comply with the GPLv3 license by distributing code when requested. See GNU FAQ here and here. If these mentioned libraries are removed, the whole project will become fully LGPL licensed.


These concerns certainly extend to this new emulator, and we had to reach out to Tahlreth about it. After a good discussion with him regarding these issues, we have been assured that this will not be a problem until the emulator is released. Right now the only piece of GPL code they need to contend with is libmpeg2, which can be replaced with FFmpeg, which is under the LGPL license; This is something we plan to do in the future, as libmpeg2 is over a decade old. As for the above debugger and freetype code, they no longer exist. Aether has its own OSD and no debugger, which means that the emulator will be completely LGPL.

Also, developers very please let us see the early alpha of the emulator, and it runs better than most of us expected! We’re really looking forward to recommending this to everyone who wants a PCSX2 on Android, because it’s probably the best it’s going to get.

In final words, we would like to warn the community about false information and fake software. So far, we’ve caught several fake APKs, (ongoing) impersonation attempts, fake/stolen videos, brigading, and misinformation about AetherSX2. We want to stress that this is currently in closed beta, and is only available to a select few. While there is currently no version available to the public, the emulator is supposed to be free once released, collects no data, and does not plan to be distributed outside of the Google Play Store.

Last week we talked about how Christmas can come early with the release of AetherSX2 for PS2 emulator fans. The beta version of the PS2 emulator is here for good.

Try it on your Android phone by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

AetherSx2 Game Play

Don’t get your hopes high just yet as this is a beta release, which is unintentionally full of bugs. Fixing errors and bugs will take the developers’ decisive effort and time.

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Do you need a mighty powerful phone for the AetherSX2?
In emulating PS games, smartphones with flagship-level chips from MediaTek and Snapdragon will always have an edge over others.

The official request for the AetherSX2 has been said to be a Snapdragon 845 or equivalent device for smooth emulation.

In other words, as long as you have a 4-core CPU, there’s no need to sweat.

On the other hand, the emulator can hit performance with a 2-core processor (read the Snapdragon 700 series).

Which GPUs are ideal for AetherSX2?
The Mali or PowerVR GPU will have no problem running the game on the app. Adreno will suffer from performance issues while Vulkan is still not working.

Is BIOS required for AetherSX2?

Yes, you have to provide your own BIOS to play PS2 games here. The games are also not provided with the emulator.

To play the game on AetherSX2 you will need to create a dump from your original disc.

Features of AetherSX2

  • Upgrade the game to 1080p resolution on your device.
  • Touchscreen and Bluetooth controller support is available.
  • Different settings for each game.
  • Widescreen patch for games that don’t even support it.
  • Save states are available.
  • OpenGL and software rendering while Vulkan is not stable yet.
  • Load games from ISO/CHD/CSO disc images


DOWNLOAD AetherSx2 Emulator

APK Download Aethersx2


Click Here To Download Bios



2. GOD HAND (348MB)

3. GOD OF WAR 1 (284MB)


4. GOD OF WAR 2 (235MB)


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