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What is Chikii & Mogul Cloud Game-Play PC Games APK?

The Chikki App brings all the computer games to your mobile phone through the PC Cloud Game Group. Join and play thousands of player to enjoy your favorite games from anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Mirror the best PC games to your handheld Android screen without having to buy or use a bulky and expensive gaming computer or a PS4. With this option, who needs to go for the old fad? Let’s swim with the new tide.

According to the makers of Chikki APK, & Mogul this is a better cloud gaming community, even better than the market-dominating names like Stadia. To find that out, you will have to experience it first hand.

The community flaunts the most to build and the best game user group in the online world. You should not miss your chance to be part of it.

 The Chikii APK Engine provides you access to all the famous and trending PC games. You will find many players sharing their PC, and game consoles. Just join them and be part of the fun-filled party.


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General question

  1. What is a website ?

A Website is that lets you get all your favorite games on PC/Steam & Android for free.

  1. Is it safe to download from this website?

Yes! All files are thoroughly scrutinized before being released. There’s no hidden malware, and each game comes May Be pre-installed Or You Have To Manually Installed That Game In Your Pc / Android.

  1. Why am I getting a hotlink security error while trying to download a game?

The error may have occurred because you clicked on the link from a source .The game must be downloaded from the original website. Directly copying and pasting the download URL can also cause this problem. Please make sure that you are also not using Best browser.

  1. What exactly does “pre-install” mean?

Make sure you are also not using Brave browser. Because Brave does not handle referrer settings correctly, does not know where the users originated.

  1. When trying to download a game, why am I getting 403 Forbidden error?

If you get a 403 Forbidden error, it indicates that you are trying to download more than one game at the same time. Androfone currently allows only one active download per IP address. Therefore, you have to cancel any other downloads and download only one game at a time.

  1. Is Downloading not working? What should I do?

Due to the new hotlink protection, We recommend starting the download in a browser and then pressing Ctrl J on your keyboard. You can then copy the download URL directly, which you can then paste into Browser or Free Download Manager.

  1. Why is my download taking so long? The download is very slow.

If you are experiencing slow download speed, we strongly recommend you to use a download manager. We recommend that you use the free download manager when downloading the game. (You don’t need to enable your browser option.) To use the manager, first, download the desired game to your browser as you would normally. Then, in Chrome/Firefox, press CTRL J to view your recently downloaded files. Copy the URL directly from the active download, then + click on Manager, paste the link and finally click OK. The manager should then start your download. Remember to cancel the browser download.

  1. Why is my .zip file getting corrupted after downloading?

Use only Google Chrome to download the game. Also, while downloading the game, do not pause and resume the download. This should let you download the game completely without any interruption. If you stop and then continue with the download, it will become corrupt.

  1. Why did my anti-virus detect the game as a virus?

Many anti-virus systems detect game files as “viruses” because they contain cracked files that allow the game to operate. Many of these anti-virus businesses are paid to do this in exchange for you to buy the game. To avoid this, deactivate your anti-virus software and extract the ZIP file again. After that the game will start. Each game on our website has been tested on our own computers. Therefore, we can assure you that these files do not contain any viruses. anything your av Says is a false positive.

  1. Why do I face errors when I try to run the game?

Errors 99% of the time are caused by missing applications. Check the Redist or _CommonRedist folders, and then install any necessary software in those folders: DirectX, vcredist, DotNet, and more. Another simple tip is to disable Windows Defender along with any anti-virus software if the game doesn’t launch. Normally, you don’t need to do this, but some antivirus software programs detect game files as “cracked” and remove them.

  1. Why am I facing difficulties while saving the game?

If you’re having trouble saving a game, right-click on the exe and select “Run as administrator”. Your problem would have been solved.

  1. Why am I having problems downloading games?

We recommend downloading the game using the Google Chrome web browser (click here to download). It is the most download-optimized browser. Servers can sometimes be unavailable, so if it doesn’t load, try again in a few hours. If you get a 403 Forbidden error, it means that you are trying to do more than one thing at the same time.

  1. Where can I go to request the addition of any new games on this site?

Game requests can be made in our Requests section Or Comment In New Post, which can be found here.

  1. Your work is awesome! Where can I donate?

You can support us on Patreon by clicking here. Even though we don’t expect anything beyond your support, your small donations help make our website a better experience for you.

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