Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Everyone’s favorite PS2 game is now finally optimized and highly compressed to work best on Android devices using Aethersx2 Emulator. GOD Hand is a one of the best PS2 game which includes beat em up gameplay with amazing storyline and boss battles.

The GOD HAND is an action-adventure game. It tells the story of a savior with gleaming and infinite power in the apocalyptic world. During a rescue operation, the savior’s right hand was cut off by a bandit, but he accidentally obtained the God’s This is an adventure full of fantasy and spoof style.

Features of GOD HAND:

1. A variety of gorgeous and interesting combos can be used by players

2. Every minion has a BOSS, which will bring more challenges to the players

3. The game plot full of spoofs will give you more gaming experience

4. An amazing storyline will keep you engaged

In the game, because the enemy will not be killed soon, so players can use all kinds of funny continuous skills to play a variety of gorgeous and interesting combos.

In other words, every enemy has a strong resistance to beating like a boss, and the protagonist’s attack is very weak in front of the creep, making the game extremely difficult.

However, this extreme setting cannot satisfy the tastes of all players.


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