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The first glimpse of the ability kit for the potential new Valorant agent, known as “Mage”, has been leaked. An image of a trial version of VALORANT featuring the full range of the agent’s capabilities appeared online as early as August 25 and has since been shared on social media and other sites.

The agent’s icon has been blocked out in the image, but the abilities, their icons, and their costs can be clearly read.

Riot Games recently revealed the Episode 5 Act 1 Battlepass and its rewards to the community. As with the previous Battlepasses, it consists of several in-game cosmetics like weapon skins, sprays, gun buddies, and player cards. The developers at Riot Games have always teased content for the next Act through these cosmetics, especially player cards.

According to sources on Twitter, there’s information about a new Agent launch in Valorant. The new Agent has been codenamed Mage, and it is highly probable that it is going to be launched in Act 2 of Episode 5. The new codename Mage does give away hints about the Agent being a Radiant imbued with magical powers.


Here’s the full list of supposed abilities for the potential new agent, who likely will take on the role of controller based on what their abilities do:

  • Bubble (E): Equip the bubble and enter the staged stage to put the bubble down by pressing the ability key. Activate to create an impenetrable bubble. Bullets cannot pass.
  • Tartarus Pit (Q): Equip with Tartarus charger. Fire to launch a shot that does some damage and slows players in their area.
  • Vision Taker (C): Equipped with a distortion wall launcher. Fire to make a small line of distortion. Enemies will go blind for some time if they pass by.
  • Golem (X): Equip the Golem doll. fire to throw down. All teammates will receive a regeneration buff, and enemies will receive a decay buff.

The Mage Bubble, Tartarus Pit, and Vision Taker abilities feel like a mix of Omen and Astra’s Kits, features of being able to keep world class utility and blind opponents. Depending on the size of Golem Ultimate, this can have broad implications for the defending or attacking side in later plant scenarios.

Of course, nothing has been officially confirmed yet, but the addition of a new controlling agent makes the most sense considering there are only four in the current roster compared to five initiators and six duelists. A new agent will likely not join the game until the start of the next act, which will not be until October 2022.

New mage in Valorant suggested by possible leak in Agent Battlepass

  • Currently, there are four agents each in Valorant’s watchdog and controller roster. With the recent release of the Fed (20th Agent of Valorant), which is an initiator, it looks like this next agent is probably going to be a controller or watchdog. It is highly likely that this agent will probably be a controller because Valorant lacks a controller meta compared to other agent types. It will be interesting to see what capabilities Riot ships this new agent with.
    A Mage Agent is right up Riot’s alley because it can be a little League of Legends-esque, and players will be eager to see what kind of spin they’ll give to Agent. Players can expect colorful animations while using their abilities. The agent has magical powers, and it is the norm in pop culture to paint wizards with a color palette, though it’s all speculation at this point. It’s been four months since The Last Agent launched, and players are concerned about new leaks.
  • The eagle-eyed player, who goes by the name LeanIze (with the handle @lean_ize on Twitter), is speculating that the new Agent face has already been revealed in BattlePass on a player card. If we go by speculation the new agent is a female character. Her outfit features a purple-pink color combination, and her hair is blonde with purple highlights. He is seen holding a bottle of magic potion, indicating that he is probably someone with magical abilities.
  • Riot has hinted at a new agent via BattlePass a few times in the past, so it won’t be a huge surprise if it comes out. The new agent, who is likely to become a controller, is set to be the 21st agent added to the roster of Valorant’s ever-growing agent list. It remains to be seen how the new Agent and his abilities perform against his teammates when Riot releases him in Act 2 or Act 3 of the new Episode 5.

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